Citywiky makes it easy for city innovations to spread. We help you start and grow innovative projects in your neighborhood.

What is Citywiky?


Join us. Help us compile easy to use step-by-step manuals, create great video tutorials or write and share code.

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Why is Citywiky awesome?

We make it easy for you to make your city a better place through technology and innovation. We will provide you with step-by-step manuals, video tutorials, pre-written code and additional resources. So it'll be super easy for you to start and scale an innovation you care about in your home city. Everything open source.

Step-by-step manuals

Step-by-step manuals will make it easy for you to start a new innovation project. We will list general steps, important aspects to consider, resources needed and much much more.

Video Tutorials

Video tutorials will help you master tricky situations and technical steps in your innovation project. So you will never feel lost and just have fun making your city a better place.

Code and additional resources

If your innovation project requires computer code to work, don’t panic! We will show you how to set everything up, what code lines to use, when and why. We promise to explain everything in plain, simple and non-nerdy language.

Potential projects

Subsequently you can find a collection of inspiring innovations, technologies and organizations that already improve life in cities all over the world. We are brand new, so it will take some time before we publish our first materials. But you can help us in making it easy for others to replicate innovation projects in their home city. Just get in touch.

Join and help us making cities better. If you are intersted in how to help Citywiky to grow, contact us. We need more awesome people.

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